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I've recently been trying to make an old Dell optiplex a pure DOS system using the latest freedos.

I've managed to get it installed from floppy and boots in to command prompt as expected. The old benchmark of mine doom runs fine no screen tearing.

But when I've tried a Mario clone platformer it was choppy as heck. I just thought this was down to a poor game. But then I tried bio menace and it's been the same. See attached video link

Is the computer too new for DOS?


Reply 1 of 2, by leileilol

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Many many many newer video cards (usually after the dawn of VESA 2) can't stand the old VGA scrolling techniques. Some do have compatibility switches (like Keen4/Biomenace) but they do nothing for many newer cards. It's not about computer speed

long live PCem

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What video card do you have? the below link covers PCI/AGP so may at the very least give you an idea of different options

and if we are talking PCIE then your idea of old is different to mine 😉