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Has anyone ever heard of this? I stumbled across it back in the 2000s. I traded a couple of emails with the developer, but I don't remember his name. He was in the UK. He posted this software on a website that no longer exists. It was free but he didn't include source code.

Fly allows users to arrange bitmap images on a blank screen to create any design they choose. Any bitmap can be used as an icon to launch applications.

Many years ago, I created a game launcher for a computer used by a child - a slew of titles on the screen, each linked to a batch file. She could click a title, launch and play a game, and return to the Fly desktop when she was done. The launcher released nearly all memory while the game was running.

Recently I salvaged a copy from a failing hard drive. It works but it is missing a couple of files, including the screensaver that automatically triggers after 3 minutes.

I have searched online for this software. It seems to have disappeared, and I can't find any reference to it.