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I wasn't sure where this question should go, but how can I format DVD-ram disc into FAT16 with small cluster size making it into 2Gb? In Win10 or WinXP I can format it into FAT16 but it always forces 4,4Gb size and when I try to use override command /A:32K it only gives me an error of "The specified cluster size is too small for FAT16/12".

Can I achieve this only in pure DOS based environment like Win98? I still can't figure it out because I don't have IDE dvd burner.

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First thought would be to mess around with the utils that can partition USB sticks and SD cards.

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Doesnt DvD firmware on the drive determine what limits are set for media ?

As in it cant read disc outside the limits the firmware supports, I seem to remember that was the case with CD drives where the Discs had to be setup according to supported limits or the drive couldn't read the Disc. I remember this being a big problem with CDRW Discs that could be setup to behave like a USB stick, some older drives were unable to read the discs due to firmware limitations.

Its possible you may need to find a DvD Ram drive that can support the smaller cluster sizes.