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Hey guys

I finally got Battle Arena Toshinden working on the following sys:

P3, 1Ghz Tualatin
256MB Ram
2x Voodoo 2
Geforce 4 Ti
Win 98
Yamaha 719-S

It took me a while to get 3dfx and the sound working, this game is a beast to set up.

However, it now runs too fast. Sound is roughly 2x too fast and gameplay feels 1.5x too fast. The sound is especially annoying...
I remember it being the same on Dosbox I think.

Is the hardware just too fast? Should I try a different voodoo driver? Any other fixes?

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Try adding SET FX_GLIDE_SWAPINTERVAL=2 environment variable to see if it does the trick. What will do is that the screen will be swapped every two vsyncs, meaning that the framerate will be capped to the half of the screen refresh rate (30 FPS if it is 60 Hz).

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1GHz and a GeForce 4 will definitely be too fast for B.A.T.

Try disabling internal cache either in BIOS or using a DOS utility and play in DOS.

I used to play it just fine in my Pentium 133MHz with a S3 Virge card. Runs perfectly.

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