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I dug out my old Windows copy of HoMM 1, and tried installing it on my win2K system. No dice - the installer says it needs Windows 95. I manually copied it over, but then it just crashes on load. Any thoughts?

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Have you tried the compatibility settigs and/or Application Compatibility Toolkit?

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Enable the "compatibility mode" in the installation executable: theorically this sould fool the setup procedure and things should be OK, although this do not always work, like in Constructor (the Windows 95 version). Enable the compatiblity mode in the game executable as well, if the game itself tries checking the version too. Also, there is a possiblity that the enterprite that prouced the game released a patch to make it work in 2K/XP. Other than this I really do not think there is much to do. None of this worked for Constructor and I ended up running the DOS version (with VDMSound and NOLFB) and it works surprisingly well.

edit: corrected NOLFN to NOLFB