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Fresh 98 install, i restart in ms dos mode but have no E drive (cdrom drive)

I have mscdex but my config.sys is empty so I dont know what device to load for my cdrom drive.

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That link seems to suggest you only get dosstart.bat if you upgrade from MS-DOS when you install Windows.

I forget the exact syntax, but I know you can load one of the common DOS CD-ROM device drivers from a .bat file using one of the various device-driver loaders (ddl, drvload, etc).

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afair you get dosstart.bat as soon as you first boot to "real" msdos 7.x from Win9x
there you have to reinstate the mscdex call matching your config.sys one.

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click Start / Settings / Control Panel / double-click the Add Remove programs icon / click the Startup Disk and create disk.

then look at config.sys and autoexec.bat on the floppy to see how the cdrom driver are loaded you can then add the relevant lines to the config.sys and autoexec.bat on your hard drive usually located in c:\ (remember to show hidden and system files)

post the contents of config.sys and autoexec.bat from the floppy if you are stuck

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