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First post, by Corey

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My previous topics about this states "This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies." & I'm not sure why; but here's the new question.

This is what I've done using ZDoom v2.5.0:
1. Unzipped the files to my games folder (C:\Games\Doom\ZDoom).
2. Copied the .wad files from Ultimate Doom, Doom 2 & Final Doom into the same folder.
3. Start-up ZDoom.

I can play the files just fine; but if I try copying the .wad files from my Master & Maximum Levels CD, these do not show up. Why is this?

Reply 4 of 7, by CrisGer

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I took a trip down memory lane with DOOM this summer and went around collecting all the classic wads for DOOM 1 and 2 ...took a while as many of the old site are fading a bit, but they are still out there. Amazing to see all the work and effort that went into this primitive set of games...yet i learned so much and really got my start in gaming with these and the original Red Baron...well, PONG and some atari games but DOOM was very early on for me. Some of the add on levels are truly amazing still.

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