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The Need For Speed Special Edition

This guide has been superceded by my new guide here: How to get Need For Speed Special Edition working perfectly in Windows XP

Need For Speed II Special Edition

The best way to get this running is to use Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (see guide for how to in my post about NFSSE above) then use the .sdb files 1fastcat posted here: http://forum.rscnet.org/showpost.php?p=3387801&postcount=32

Or if you prefer to roll-your-own ACT profiles, you'll need to install the game, copy the nfs2sea.exe into the game folder, then set up database entries to both in ACT with the following ticked:


Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit

NFS3:HP - if it isn't starting at all you need a replacement .exe file (if your exe is 850k or so it's the wrong one). The correct one is 1.5MB and is listed as "Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit v1.0 [NFS3.EXE] shadowRUNNER - nfs3.exe file to replace ~850kb ver" here: http://www.megagames.com/cracks/html/c32825_0.htm

NOTE: the 1.5MB version isn't even a hacked file - you'll still need the CD-ROM in the drive, I think it's from the patch which you had to auto-download from EA through the net but it's no longer available.

Then the game will work, but only in 16 bit colour mode. There are a few guides to obtaining 32 bit colour on the web but they involve editing the Registry and aren't perfect so I haven't gone that far yet!

Need For Speed Road Challenge (aka High Stakes)

NFS4:HS/RC - if this only works in software mode and not Direct3D, get the replacement D3Da.dll from http://rp-design.totalnfs.net/ - it actually worked for me, unlike other D3Da.dlls available elsewhere!

Superbike 2001

If the game won't install on your machine (as some WinXP machines hate the installer version), install it on another PC then copy the directory across via CD-R or Zip disks. You'll also need to copy or recreate the following Registry keys:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\EA SPORTS\Superbike 2001\1.00.000

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Superbike 2001

Note: you can save these keys out from the other PC by right-clicking the key in the regedit and choosing Export. This will make a nice .reg file you can use to install on your new PC. BEFORE YOU INSTALL THEM, open the two .reg files in Notepad and make sure the game folder locations (etc) are correct for where you installed the game to (note that in .reg files, single slashes / become double-slashes //). Then you can double-click the .reg files to install them.

Once the game is installed, do the following:

As also reported on the Motorbike Games forum, simply replace your SBK2001.exe file with the US version (called "Superbike 2001 v1.0 US NERO - unSafeDisc - no CD") available here: http://www.megagames.com/cracks/html/c34095_0.htm

NOTE: you'll have to set your desktop to 16 bit colour to play.

This works even if you have the UK version. Maybe the US release (that came out later as they added the Bostrom's) had a newer .exe?


If Dethkarz won't start at all, go to http://www.megagames.com/cracks/html/c31020_0.htm and get the file called "Dethkarz GER Dirty Harry - no CD".

Please note that while this is a crack, it's for a game that is no longer commercially available and IS THE ONLY VERSION I'VE FOUND ON THE INTERNET THAT WORKS IN WINDOWS XP!

All other versions either complain about an incorrect CD-ROM or just do nothing, like the original game does. This version works perfectly, ignore the fact it's for the German version of the game.


If you have problems with starting the game once using the options, you can hand-edit the options in the Registry under the key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Rage Games Ltd\eRacer

IMPORTANT: Take note of your settings before changing anything so you can undo it if you go wrong!

I can't remember exactly what the problem with this game was, it was either no sound, crashes or something else to do with using the options!

ToCA Touring Car Championship

Another game that hates to be installed on WindowsXP. If it defeats you, install it on another PC then copy the game folder across. You'll also need to export the following Registry key:


NOTE: before installing this key on your new PC, edit it in Notepad to insert the correct CD_Drive (CD-ROM letter), GameDirectory (where the toca folder in on the hard drive) and Install_Drive (CD-ROM letter again). Then you can double-click it to install the values!

The game needs compatibility setting too (to Win95/9 to work correctly.

Colin McRae Rally

You'll need the official 1.4 or 1.5 patch installed, then use this update to make it work on XP: http://www.thegamestree.co.uk/cmronw2k.zip

Codemasters have further support tucked away here: http://www.codemasters.co.uk/support/oldsupport.php?sid=2

Sky Target

You can make Sega's poor Afterburner remake work as follows:

On Windows XP you get an error message that says: "SKY.EXE - Entry Point Not Found" and "The procedure entry point FT_Exit12 could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll."

To fix this, open the folder containing Sky Target and DELETE the file called WINMM.DLL then the game will work.

Note: You will have to reset the resolution every time you start the game and it the game gets confused and keeps switching back to the Desktop when you change resolution but it won't have crashed - simply select the Sky Target icon in the Windows Taskbar to bring it back!

If you want to avoid (some of) the screen switching hassle, drop your screen depth to 16-bit colour before starting then the game will run in a window and you can select Full Screen 16 bit colour straight away from the drop down menu.

Speed Busters

There are a couple of patches for this game. One is a quite small update patch and the other is a whopping 26MB update with new cars, cockpits and graphics.

The bad news is that installing the big patch will mean the game will crash to desktop when loading a track. The good news is that you can install the big patch THEN the small patch and the game will still work and you'll have the extra cars. The bad news is that you'll be missing the new features of the big patch: improved graphics and in-car cockpit views.

So it's not perfect but better than nothing. You can download all the extra cars seperately too on some sites.

London Racer (aka M25 Racer) and Europe Racer

Davilex have a patch for Europe Racer that will allow the game to work on some PCs on their Service page: http://service.davilex.com/ (you need to sign-up annoyingly). They also let me know when I e-mailed them that they are working on patches for both games. Let's wait and see...

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer

If you get a white screen and a complete lock-up of Windows XP when starting a race, get the patch from Lucasarts: http://support.lucasarts.com/trg/xp/swep1racer.htm

Lucasarts have a lot more XP fixes here: http://support.lucasarts.com/trg/xp/xptitle.htm

Moto Racer 2

You need the 1.36 patch to get the game working in Windows XP (and also set your desktop to 16 bit colour). You can find it in Google by searching for "1.36 patch moto racer 2"!

Midtown Madness 2

There's an official patch to make this work in Windows XP. http://www.microsoft.com/games/PC/midtown2.aspx

Rally Challenge

If this (poor Silver Lightning rally game) doesn't install on your PC, install it on another then copy the folder over. No registry settings are needed.

GL Quake

Okay so it's old and isn't a racing game (unless you get the Quake Rally pack heh!) but to make this work you need to simply delete the opengl32.dll file from the Quake folder.

If the game's too dark, try the pak2 file on this site: http://www.planetquake.com/frib/glquake.html (open the page then do Ctrl+F and type in pak2). Or use idgamma!

Star Trek Voyager Elite Force

Another game with an installer that wouldn't work on my PC. So install the game on another PC and copy the game folder across (it's big at 650MB zipped!). No registry keys needed.


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Someone needs to do a collection of all these, with a proper directory and everything. Hell, I may do one someday if no one else is willing. Mind if I archive your post for now, Ice? Naturally, you'll get credit if I ever do an 'Old Game Fixes' page on my site.

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It reminds me of DosFreak's NT Game Compatibility List
Topic 465
(Some games have notes saying what you need to do...)
and also of Nicht Sehr Gut's Problem Children thread
Problem Children
Or Inferno's XP Compatibility Database

There's more where that came from. Ice has done an AWESOME job.

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Very nice, thanks. 😀

Curious about Elite Force though; I have had this game for a few years now and have gone through several computers with both XP and 2000, and it never gave me any problems at all with the installation. I have always installed it using an administrator account though; maybe that has something to do with it.

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I think the installer problems are down to something specific in some XP setups. I found that one version number of InstallShield won't work at all on my PC but all others will . Just a bit odd. I have the original release of Elite Force though so budget re-releases may be better or it might just be my PC. Whatever, it works now so I'm not complaining!


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F1 2000 and F1 Championship Season 2000

Finally got these games to work in Windows XP fairly reliably! They usually crash to desktop loading a track. Note that I achieved this using Windows XP Home and an ATI Radeon 9800XT with Catalyst 4.4. You mileage may vary(!).

Do the following:

1. Install/patch the game in question.

2. Start the game, set the graphics (in F1 2000 exit once the game's loaded then edit config.ini in the game folder and change the line SystemRating=1 to SystemRating=5 to get best graphics then start the game again), create your profile, set all the graphics/sound/controllers as you want then EXIT (to save the settings).

3. Start the game and choose Test Day, pick a car and track, start the race and it should crash to desktop.

4. Right-click on the ATI toolbar icon, choose Settings, ATI Display Settings (or right-click desktop, choose Properties, Settings, Advanced) then click the 3D tab. Move the quality slider from it's chosen position (if you're using Custom this might be a problem!) then set it back to where it was - the Apply button should become available. Click Apply then OK then close the windows.

5. Restart the game, go straight to Test Day, pick a car and track and the game should (cross fingers) load without crashing to desktop! Once it's worked once, any race/mode in the game seems to work okay!

- Intro/other videos in F1 2000 appear black (audio only) if anti-aliasing(?) is on on your graphics card
- Nvidia owners? Don't know! Try setting something equivalent in your graphics card settings!
- F1CS2K is a LOT more stable and less likely to crash (once you've gone through the first crash and rebooted)
- Changing settings may cause the game to crash again so try to set them all as you would like the first time!

And that's about that! Try it and see if you have the game/s!


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Midnight Racing

Sometimes works (haven't figured out what makes it work yet!) but often loops on the opening Twilight3D animation. To make it work definitely you can find and install the German patch for the game which has the downside of making all the text German (a problem if you don't speak German!) but seems to make the game work reliably!

Rollcage Stage II

Simple one this, if Rollcage Stage II returns to the desktop after the intro videos, simply find (that's the hard bit*!) and install the v1.0c patch.

* enter the following into Google and see if any of the links still work!: "Rollcage Stage II" "patch" "1.0c"