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Using OllyDbg, i've quickly patched "The Adventures of Lomax" for Windows to run on modern display. Normally, the game refuses to launch if the display is not in 8 or 16 bits colors.

LOMAX.EXE md5: 9a057d3cf9f8deac1949fb6ac477379b
LOMAX.EXE sha256: 04cc4dfd260037bab2765c649060ad2e091135e326e1668790a55ed4d649f130

You have to look for the hexadecimal string 83 FD 08 74 1E 83 FD 10 74 19 and replace it with 83 FD 08 74 1E 83 FD 10 EB 19.
This will bypass the screen verification and the game will run automatically.

Unfortunately, this triggers a display bug, any transparent sprites will be completely black on screen.
If anyone want to dig this issue, this is a nice patch to craft. I'll be happy to work on it with the help of some ASM ninjas.

Best regards.

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Does it use the same engine as "pitfall the mayan adventure" ?
Both games run with DX6.1 (or perhaps lower) on a PII-300 and are REALLY smooth and high-detailed. MUCH! better then the ugly early 3d stuff like pandemonium etc.

I'd love to see/find more of these high-detailed smooth platformer-stuff.

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