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I've just found out that Donald Duck: Quack Attack can be started via nGlide by copying the GliVd1vf.dll file (which was missing) in the "DLL" folder found in the game's directory. I took that file directly from the "DLL" folder from Rayman 2 (both of the games has the same graphics engine). Then I edited the ubi.ini file located in "C:\Windows\Ubisoft" and the game fires up with no problems. I can move the character inside Gyro Gearloose house (it's like a warp room Crash Bandicoot-alike), I can selected levels and such things, but when I start one, I can hear the music and sounds, I can walk with Donald, but I can't see nothing, just a static image of a sky that takes the whole screen. The sky image is different for every level. While the only level that loads correctly (that means I can regularly play it), it's the bonus level.