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It's not about a game but an application but I thought I might just give it a try here as well.

I was wondering if someone with programming skills could help me to get an application to work on Windows 7 and newer (using it in a virtual machine works just fine, but that's not really an option).

The problem with the application is that it crashes whenever you try to open or save a file (using the open/save dialog). It's a problem that also occurs with newer versions of this application and the fix seems to be to edit a file named CommonVcPh.dll and redirect comdlg32.dll to the XP version of this file (which you then copy to the folder the application resides in). I've tried that with this application but it still crashes whenever it's supposed to open the open/save dialog.


P.S: DEP needs to be disabled to run the application.

P.P.S: Maybe someone knows someone who knows someone who might be skilled enough to get this to work.

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Why are you wanting to use Wavelab?

Why not Audacity, which is free?

I used to use Wavelab back in the day. Haven't found any reason to not use Audacity instead.

And that is a really old version of Wavelab (3.04). Looks like they have a patch for version 7 for compatibility with Windows 8 64-bit:
https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/unsuppor … /wavelab_7.html

Wavelab 6 also supports Windows 7 64-bit

Looks like you need version 6 at least to officially support Windows 7 64-bit.

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And if you need/want ASIO support, you can compile a version of Audacity that supports it. The instructions on how to do it are detailed enough for pretty much anyone to follow, but they are a bit long .

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I'm just used to it and it does what I want it to do.
Yes, there are alternatives but I'd prefer Wavelab (the old version) nevertheless.

I think it could be interesting for someone who has the skills to make some modifications, just as a proof of concept or something. Maybe not but I thought it's worth asking.

Because I think it SHOULD be possible to get it to work correctly since it's really "just" the open/save functionality.
Saving does actually work but only if the actual open/save dialog is not involved.

So if someone knows someone who has the skills, let me know.