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UT2004 - No surround sound Windows 10 (solved)

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First post, by BuckoA51

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Hi everyone,

Long time no post either here or on my site, sorry for no new guides in forever.

Anyway, I'd been plagued with PC issues this year and in the end decided to ditch my old rig and build a new one, based around a AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, Asus ROG Crosshair VIII main board and 32gb ram. For video card I'm still using my GTX 1080ti due to being unable to find a newer card in stock at a good price right now. For sound, I'm just using the HDMI sound out of the sound card, not the onboard sound on the board.

Anyway, I started installing all my favourite older games and came to Unreal Tournament 2004 and, well, it installed OK, I didn't even need to do the ReduceMouseLag trick to get it to open. The game runs fine except... there is no surround sound at all.

Now I was convinced this did work on my previous rig, unless my memory is hazy.. but anyway, I went to PC gaming Wiki and installed OpenAL and OpenAL Soft as per their instructions. Still nothing. I tried it with and without EAX turned on but it makes no difference.

I tried the 64 bit patch which does behave differently. On there, the only audio device I can select in game is "OpenAL". No EAX etc here but... still silence from my surround speakers.

I tried toggling the "System Driver" setting in the game, no difference with that either.

Has something changed in Windows 10 to break this stuff or am I missing something? I'm on build 19042 of Windows 10 Pro.

Edit - If I run the OpenAL-info32 or 64 program that comes with OpenAL-Soft, I get this... this doesn't look right?

** Info for device "Generic Software on DENON-AVRHD (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)" **
ALC version: 1.1
ALC extensions:
HRTF extension not available
OpenAL vendor string: Creative Labs Inc.
OpenAL renderer string: Software
OpenAL version string: 1.1
OpenAL extensions:
Resampler info not available
EFX version: 1.0
Max auxiliary sends: 1
Supported filters:
!!! none !!!
Supported effects:
!!! none !!!

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Reply 1 of 5, by DracoNihil

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Look in UT2004's System folder for something like "DefOpenAL32.dll"

Try renaming OpenAL Soft's library DLL (not it's wrapper) to said "DefOpenAL32" and replace the file in the System folder, then tell UT2004 to use "System default", and it should load the DLL from System instead of talking to the Creative OAL enumerator that's usually installed when you install OpenAL.

EDIT: When you're using OpenAL Soft you need to make a config for it to specifically instruct it to use surround sound, check the documentation on how to do this under Windows. I don't quite remember where it looks for it's config when operating under Windows, I use Linux.

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Reply 4 of 5, by DracoNihil

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Davros wrote on 2021-01-14, 16:40:

which is called ?

Rename the Win32 version of "soft_oal.dll" to "DefOpenAL32.dll" in the System folder.

“I am the dragon without a name…”
― Κυνικός Δράκων