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Hi all,

I'm using windows 3.0 successfully with various apps on my HP200LX Palmtop with its 27-year-old LCD panel in 620x200 monochrome (CGA).
As most of you know, these old LCD panels had horrible update speeds and as such it's quite easy losing track of your tiny mouse pointer in Windows 3.0
on an LCD screen from yesterday...

In more modern versions of windows, you can, for people with disabilities such as being partially blind, for example, change the mouse pointer bitmap to a larger, "fatter" pointer,
which would be a really good thing to have in windows 3.0 on my LCD screen.

Does anyone know how this could be done, as Windows 3.0 does not provide any configuration options for this?
Maybe somebody knows where the mouse pointer bitmap data is stored and/or how you can edit the Windows .ini file or any other file for the matter,
to change the bitmap to another one that I can get out of a modern windows os, or just photoshop myself, through its mouse pointer options for people with disabilities.
If I could change other stuff too, like the hourglass pointer and other pointers, this would be really handy...

Any tips would be appreciated! 😉


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Windows 1.x-3.x are using mouse pointer pictures from display driver. As far as I remember, you need 16-bit version of Resource Hacker, and replace the CURSOR resource in VGA.DRV (VGA.386) file. But this is for Win3.11 & VGA graphics. For Palmtop this is a slightly difficulter as its is need to copy...CGA.DRV?...everywhere and patch on other system, then copy the patched file back.

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Borland Delphi 1.0 Resource Manager works just as well, I like it better, clean interface and very compact.
It is free and you can rip it out from Delphi, I only use this for hacking Windows 3.x files.

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