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Figured you guys might be interested in my little project, a Diablo II preservation/enhancement mod.

It takes the shape of a (very custom) Glide wrapper, and offers the following:

- Fast D3D11 renderer. Not much to say, it just aims to be high performance and low latency. It'll require a D3D 10.1 capable card.

- Windowed/fullscreen gameplay with seamless switching (alt-enter). In short, it just works. The original game, even with other Glide wrappers, is a glitchfest out of the box.

- Built-in resolution mod. This is used to hit an integer scaling factor, not to make faux "HD". It presents the game in widescreen by default, but this is selectable. On my 1080p screen it runs at a comfortable 960x540, very close to the original 800x600.

- Careful antialiasing, to smooth out the occasional jaggies that come with the territory for 256 color "pre-rendered" tiles/sprites. It just blends in with the games art style.

Give it a spin if you love Diablo II and its LoD expansion, and let me know what you think.

It's open source and licensed under GPLv3.