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First post, by siljo

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Is S3 ViRGE/DX Direct X compatible?
I can`t get harry potter game to work

Reply 1 of 3, by shamino

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My Virge card back in the day accelerated very few games, and only if I was running DirectX 2. Once I installed DirectX 3, the games still ran but acceleration was gone.
That was a very long time ago and maybe there's something I did wrong.

I don't know anything about that game but if it's 3D then you're pretty likely to have problems running it with a Virge. Some early Direct3D games will work but not very well.
If it's 2D DirectDraw though, then I think it should be fine.

If you need good Direct3D support then you will need a different card. What to recommend would depend on your system, what you're trying to run, how much performance you want in those games and how much you're willing to spend - but one common and cheap option (if you have an AGP slot) is a Geforce2 MX.

Reply 2 of 3, by Hezus

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I haven't played any of the Harry Potter games but they must have been early 2000s games, so that S3 Virge DX isn't going to cut it, since that one is from the 90s.

You'd best try to find a GeForce 4 series or a Radeon 8500 to get a good framerate out of those games. Especially if you want to play the later games in the series.

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