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I experimented with the old non-Steam Megaman X4 Windows 9x CD-version using Windows 7 64-bit OS and had small issues first but made the game work properly in the end. There is absolutely no need to buy the new Steam version to play this game because the old one works perfectly with your new computer (or at least with Windows 7 64-bit OS). I'm aware that Windows 7 is now considered legacy OS but I have no reason to believe that my suggested methods wouldn't work just fine even when using 64-bit version of Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 but I can't verify that right now. Besides I'm shifting towards Fedora OS anyway. I Already use that on my laptop. Window 7 is going to be my last Microsoft OS that I use unless I'm using a computer at friend's house, at work or other place where I literally have no other choice but in general I don't wish to bother with eg. Windows 10 at all if it's not absolutely necessary.

I have copied these folders and files from game CD to hard drive. I have put mine in these locations...

C:\Games\Megaman X4\ARC
C:\Games\Megaman X4\BGM
C:\Games\Megaman X4\SE
C:\Games\Megaman X4\STR
C:\Games\Megaman X4\MMX4.exe

There is no need to install this game at all. It works just fine this way. Just copy and paste all the necessary folders and files into the same directory. Mine is an example location. Any folder works fine.

If you have issues with videos not working in this game, you can try what I did. At first I only heard audio and didn't see video but when I tested videos directly with Windows Media Player, they worked just fine there. In order to avoid trying all kinds of codecs just to make Megaman X4 work properly and at the same time possibly messing up my Windows I just re-encoded video files using VirtualDub2 and Xvid codec. Probably doesn't matter but my Xvid codec version is 1.3.2 (file name Xvid-1.3.2-20110601.exe) and that can be found here https://www.videohelp.com/software/XviD-Codec/old-versions but I assume the newest one works just fine and that can be found from the official Xvid site. Inside VirtualDub2 I used encoding settings for Xvid MPEG-4 Codec video compression - "Target quantizer: 3.00" and with that I couldn't see video quality decreasing when compared to original videos and file size is not much bigger either. Also you can automate video conversion with VirtualDub2 Queue batch operations Batch wizard and Job control to encode all videos at once.

There's still one other problem I couldn't fix. Not a big one though and I can live with it. Every time I quit the game - MMX4.exe process hangs in Windows processes and I have to manually kill it if want to re-enter the game and continue playing. I'm pretty sure I had this exact same problem during XP days.

And to make life easier and avoid having the need of inserting CD to drive or using CD-image to play every time you start the game, there is a NO-CD crack at GameCopyWorld right here https://www.gamecopyworld.com/games/pc_ ... ixed%20EXE. This site is legit. No viruses or bullshit and it's not warez site! I have used this site without problems for years to help me make my older games run without CD-check-DRM. The modified MMX4.exe file is compressed inside a bit unusual ace-file archive and I couldn't open it with my WinRAR since they stopped supporting ace files with their newest version due to sequrity-loop-hole. Also my 7-Zip couldn't open it either for some reason so I used Universal Extractor (UniExtract) to successfully extract the contents of that ace file. Original MMX4.exe file needs to be replaced with the modified MMX4.exe file and after it's done - you can play without CD or CD-image. Enjoy! =)

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