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Hi, I actually finished my universal installer for Motorhead. It asks for the original CD-ROM to install and play the game, detects its version (EU, US or an OEM one) and installs the appropriate 3.1 update as well as dgVoodoo, IndirectSound and A3D-Live. Several extras are included : New ghosts, a hornpack and a guide on how to play multiplayer.

To get as close as possible to the original gaming experience, and to avoid rare compatibility issues, 3dfx Glide rendering was chosen, with forced Vsync. But it is something you can easily change.

You can see it here and download it via the description : https://youtu.be/pgIsAgqxFK8

Feel free to try it !

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Thanks to your installer, I spent yesterdays evening playing Motorhead again. 😁

I don't know when was the last time I had to put a disk in the drive, but thank god I still have one and it was totally worth it. Though the game still has some problems with W10, but it's very well playable at least.

One minor suggestion, in case you ever update your installer: The game had two semi-official "DLCs" (they were created with the help of DICE) back then, from the now closed MHtools website: An additional car named BiTurbo or ASCIII (car15 in the game folders) and another car pack that came out in 2002 with four (should have been five) more cars (car16-car19) and some wallpapers.

It would be nice if you could add them to your installer. I'll attach them here in one convenient zip:

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My full-featured DOSBox SVN builds for Windows & Linux: Vanilla DOSBox and DOSBox ECE (Google Drive Mirror)

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Thank you very much for this!
It works just fine. I've been a huge fan of this game since its release and it had become quite a pain to install and run on modern OS.
Greatly appreciated.

I'd love a remaster too 😉