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Trying to get MIDI sound in Windows 3.1 within VirtualBox. I heard that there is a MIDI synth for Windows 3.1 but couldn't find it anywhere. Also anyone know how to get the MIDI output from Virtual Machine into the host machine?

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I personally won't touch VirtualBox because it is slow and super buggy.

It also has major issues with XP so I can't imagine it would be any good with even older OSes.

As for Windows 3.x, the built in MIDI mapper lets you use FM for MIDI.

Here is a replacement FM MIDI implementation that you can install in Windows 3.1

Yamaha YMF modified setupds and drivers
Yamaha XG resource repository - updated November 27, 2018
Yamaha YMF7x4 Guide
AW744L II - YMF744 - AOpen Cobra Sound Card - Install SB-Link Header

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One of the VBox developers added SB16/OPL3 support to VBox a while ago.
He did it in his free time, to improve sound emulation, if memory serves.

Edit: Or, it rather was a VMware dev ?
VMware DOS sound improved.. now is finally possible to play FX + FM together!

The Voyetra SuperSAPI FM driver is one of the best FM synth drivers for Windows 3.1x.
It was part of the PAS16 sound card, for example.
Re: How to get the FM or OPL3 effect sound in the sound card?

Alternatively, there are some free soft synths made by Casio.
One of the older ones (SW-10, before v1. 03?) was designed for Windows 3.1x.


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