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Star Trek Generations crashed in Windows 11 22H2

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First post, by yochenhsieh

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How to get it work in Windows7~Windows11 (before 22H2 update)
Star Trek Generations: video won't play [resolved]

After Windows 11 22H2 update,
if I have the iccvid.dll in game folder from above thread, Star Trek Generations will crash when it should start playing intro video.

If I removed the iccvid.dll, the game will skip video and to gameplay directly. Still playable but I want the video:(
If I kept iccvid.dll in game folder and disabled Windows defender, game will also skip video to gameplay.

Think it's some security measure that prevent loading dll?

Reply 1 of 4, by Nosforartu

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hi hi.

im actively trying to get this game working at the mo as well.

can confirm this behaviour, the original version of iccvid.dill in the install is ineffective at playing the cutscenes but is not fatal, but the file from the thread crashes the game possibly because as you say it is indeed effective at rendering the video which is undesirable in some way security or otherwise.

interestingly my windows 10 machine in the loft plays the video and game flawlessly without the updated .dll file from the forum, using the original from the install.
for context i have been playing this game on and off for 20 years or so through various means and the best solution by far is a 32 bit installer and compatibility mode in windows 10, specifically disabling full screen optimisations.

quirky bugger this game. wish gog would do a number on it. maybe they could bundle it with the next version of cyberpunk 2077, might increase sales...

Reply 2 of 4, by DosFreak

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You can try this and see if it works. I don't have the game so can't verify:
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Note that ffdshow is no longer updated so use https://github.com/Nevcairiel/LAVFilters/releases
It shouldn't be necessary to do anything with the CLI but it's been awhile since I last tested using ffdshow or LAVFilters to play videos in games.

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Reply 4 of 4, by p0w3r_0ff

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Well this topic is extremly old i know that for myself.
but however, i stood before the same problem as the person who opened this thread. and i found a solution.
it works like this:

* all the previous explained steps for win7-10 are still valid and needs to be done, load the iccvid.dll and so on
* but then remove compatibility mode for the sgens.exe
* now additionally, download and execute DXWnd
* activate expert mode, add the game with right click with path to executable
* rightclick, modify, at hook change injection method to Inject DLL
* under directx, choose version directx 1 ~ 6
* under compat. choose "limit disk area" and "handle exceptions" as much as "safe MSVCRT allocs" (last one probably not needed?)
*click OK, go to file and save

after doing all these steps, the game runs correctly if u launch it via DXWnd. double click sgens in dxwnd window and it should launch correctly.
in my humble opinion, the game even works smoother now and it doesnt jitter as much as with the compatibility mode for windows 95. it kinda surprises me that this effect comes with it, but i guess it does affect the performance and stability of the game.