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I've been trying the LittleWing pinball games on some newer Windows systems. Surprisingly, most of them run just fine. There are two, however, that run but have too much lag to be very playable. Interestingly, the two with problems are neither the oldest or the newest releases.

In chronological order of release:
* Crystal Caliburn (runs fine with 640x480 option in compatibility settings turned on)
* Looney Labyrinth (runs fine with 640x480 option in compatibility settings turned on)
* Angel Egg (runs fine)
* Golden Logres (runs fine)
* Jinni Zeala (lags)
* Monster Fair (lags)
* Fairy Tower (runs fine)
* Mad Daedalus (runs fine)

I've tried all the compatibility options in Windows 10 and can't get Jinni Zeala or Monster Fair to play smoothly. Monster Fair is worse than Jinni Zeala--it lags badly on every Windows 10 machine I've tried. Jinni Zeala is playable on a powerful gaming rig, but still lags when there's a lot of animation (like during a multiball). Neither lags at all on my old XP laptop.

Any thoughts as to what might be causing the slow down? I believe they are both DirectX 8 era games if that's helpful...

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Did your compatibility testing include setting single core affinity? It's an ancient thread, but it will give you an idea of how test if this is the issue:
Utility to automate Single Core CPU usage for games - RunFirst

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Use DDrawCompat:
or WineD3D:

Normally for problems like this I would say always try dgVoodoo2 or Dxwnd first, but they both have issues with this game.

I only tested Monster Fair.