What's your Retro-Rig?

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gerwin wrote:
Wow. where do you put all that. […]
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Amigaz: My retro rig collection grew a bit lately

Wow. where do you put all that.

Disposed of most older systems.. but I don't think I will retire this one anytime soon, it works well for almost all retro stuff I care about:

CPU: P3 600MHz @ 660MHz, added a fan-speed controller.
Motherboard: Soyo SY-6BA+III (intel 440BX)
RAM: 3x128MB
Video: ASUS Geforce 440MX 64MB (no fan)
Sound1: Turtle Beach Montego 2 H.S. PCI card (vortex 2 chipset), with Wavetable Yamaha DB50XG (or Roland SCD-10 or Topwave-32 or Turtle Beach Cancun-FX).
Sound2: A-Trend Harmony PCI card (Yamaha YMF-724F chipset with integral OPL3), connected to SB-Link and and PC-Speaker signal.
PSU: 250 Watts (brought back to live 😉 )
Screen: Compaq V720 (CRT, 17")
Storage: Maxtor 40GB, HD removable rack, 3.5" Floppy drive, Lite-on CD-R.
Other: Realtek PCI ethernet card and a VIA USB2.0 PCI card
OS: Windows 98SE + unoff. service pack.

My problem right now is.....I'm out of room lolol

The PC systems has to fight over space with my Amiga computer collection too 😮

Nice system you have there, is it usable under pure DOS too?
Pre 1992-93 games must have speed problems if you don't use any slow down utils
SVGA games must run superbly 😎

My retro computer stuff: https://lychee.jjserver.net/#16136303902327

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My primary vintage PCs are:

IBM 5160: 15MHz V30 planar, 640k + 32meg EMS, TMC 850 SCSI, SBPro2, Intel 8/16 NIC, VGAWonder 512kb, 2GB Flash, 1GB HDD, 8X CD-ROM, 1.44m and 360kb FDD

IBM 5170: 8MHz 339 Planar w/40MHz TI486SXL & Cyrix 83D87 upgrade module, 8meg ISA SIMM expansion, SB16 + WB I module, IBM EGA w/256kb, 1540C SCSI, 10mbps NIC, 1GB HDD, 1.2m & 1.44m FDD

Generic 386DX: 40MHz TI486SXL & Cyrix 83D87, 32mb RAM, 1542C SCSI, SB16 SCSI w/ASP & WB II, Mach64 4mb VRAM, 3c509B NIC, 20GB HDD, 1X CD-ROM, 1.2m & 1.44m FDD

Generic VL/EISA 5x86: 160MHz am5x86, 256kb SRAM & 128kb DRAM, 2742W SCSI, 3c597TX NIC, ET4000W32P 2mb VLB, Spectrum24 3mb TIGA, AWE32 + 8mb, 2GB HDD, 4X CD-ROM, 1.44m & 1.2m FDD.

Generic VLB Pentium: 5V POD133, 512kb SRAM + 128mb DRAM, PIO4 EIDE VLB, 1542CP SCSI, S3 968 4MB, Intel 10mbps NIC, AWE64G, 20GB HDD, 32X CD-ROM, 1.44m FDD

I have several other machines in the works, but not enough time/space/money to do much with them.

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Amigaz: Nice system you have there, is it usable under pure DOS too?
Pre 1992-93 games must have speed problems if you don't use any slow down utils SVGA games must run superbly

I just checked my DOS game list, and tried the problematic ones with the latest setup. All can run in full glory! That is with sound and music, and fully stable as far as I know. Though some (5 out of 65) indeed need moslo for that. and some prefer pure DOS (v7.1 IIRC) over the windows DOS box.

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Here are mine posted awhile ago. Most powerful PIII PC's I could build with a classic mobo that has ISA slots.
Pair of Retro PC's

This was a great help.
http://homepage.hispeed.ch/rscheidegger/p2b_p … pgrade_faq.html


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I have 2 systems dedicated for classic gaming and one new rig for the latest stuffs.

Classic Machine 1 :

- Pentium-S 133MHz Socket-5 processor
- VE501 Pentium Motherboard with 4 ISA Slots
3 PCI Slots
- Phoenix Award Modular Bios 4.50G
- 40MB EDO 72-pin SIMMS (4MBx2 + 16MBx2)
- S3 Trio 64V+ Graphics card
- SoundBlaster 32 PnP
- 5GB Fujitsu HDD
- 1x 3.5" 1.44MB FDD
- Lite-on DVD+RW Drive

*OS : 1. MS-DOS 6.22 in one partition with multiple configs and MS-Windows 3.1
2. Windows 95c in another.
(Selective Boot via FDISK's Active Partition selection.)

This is my own system which I found in my dad's office's store room, tucked away in a PC casing's box. Dad got it for me in 1995. Was taken to his office when I went abroad for studies. After 13 years, I found it and cleaned it inside out. I even opened up the power supply and cleaned the PSU's fan blade by blade. Upgraded my old 52X CDROM to a DVD+RW which I had spare after I upgraded my newest system to SATA DVD drives.
Bought the extra 2x 16MB sticks from a used-ware shop. Upped my total ram to 40MB from 16MB.

Classic Machine 2 :

- Pentium III 450MHz slot-1 processor
- DFI P2XBL motherboard
- Award 4.51 Bios
- DVD+RW Drive
- 512MB PC133 SDRAM (256MBx2)
- 3 ISA slots
- 4 PCI Slots
- 1x AGP slot
- Geforce 4 Ti 4200 64MB AGP graphics card (bought new previously)
- Voodoo 3 2000 16MB PCI graphics card (found being sold brand new at a hind-shelf in a pc hardware store in 2006).
- Maxtor 120GB HDD P-ATA
- Maxtor 80GB HDD P-ATA
- SoundBlaster AWE64 PnP Value (bought online via local auction site)
- 1x 3.5" 1.44MB FDD
- 2x USB hind-ports (v1.0) with onboard connectors for 2 additional USB ports.
- D-Link 528TX Ethernet PCI-adapter network card

*OS : 1. MS-DOS 6.22 in one Hard Drive.
2. Windows 98 SE in another Drive
(Selective boot via HD boot-select in Bios.)

And my newest rig is specialized for newer games. Not relevant here but I'll just mention the base system : Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300, ASUS P5E with 4GB PC1066MHZ DDR2, ASUS EN9800GTX, SB X-Fi Platinum, 2 SATA DVD+RWs, 4 SATA HDDs totalling about 1.5TB and a IDE PATA 320GB HDD.

Surprisingly I use more of my classic systems in memory of my nostalgic days and wonderful 80's/90's games.

**I stand corrected for any mistakes or errors that i may have made regarding the accuracy of the specs as i'm writing from my laptop.**