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Re: NTVDM on windows 10 x64

Postby leecher » 2019-3-31 @ 20:59

I don't care about DOSbox, it has no interaction with the Windows subsystems, console, etc. like NTVDM has, so it's pretty useless for normal office applications.

Games are not my target and the DosBox-author says DosBox is meant only for games. If you want to play games, just use DosBox, it does a very good job in this area. NTVDMx64 on the other hand targets office applications and DOS/Win32 interaction and integration like the original NTVDM does.
We all know NTVDM never was particularily good for games, even in V86 mode, so games are not really an interesting target for it anyway, altough they partly work, but video emulation is just too slow.
NTVDMx64 helps people, who are forced to use 64bit Windows, to continue using their DOS applications and most people that I know who are using NTVDMx64 are using it for exactly this purpose.

If you want HAXM integration in DOSbox, you may want to ask the DosBox authors for integration, they will know how to do it, I don't have any clue about DOSbox code, sorry.
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