Virtual PC (gameport) joystick support?

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Anyone know how, running DOS 6.22 under VPC 5, to get games to see my joystick? It's a standard gameport joystick, which works under the host OS (Win2K) but not under my guest systems.

I could switch to VMWare (I've still got demo time with each) but VMWare doesn't emulate a SB16 like VirtualPC, and my nVidia onboard sound is useless in DOS under VMWare.

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Given that neither VMWare or Virtual PC are really designed to play games (Virtual PC in particular started out as a way for Mac users to run PC software which is why I'm guessing it's emulation is so much better than VMWare.) I doubt they would have thought to include proper gameport emulation.

As the need to run DOS software under NT OS's becomes more necessary (which it will eventually since people won't be able to avoid moving away from 9x forever, gamers especially will be stung hard by Microsofts cessation of support for 9x when DirectX no longer comes in a 9x flavour) they'll think to add it but I don't see that happening any time soon.

I'm aware of several freeware emulators (Bochs being one, although last time I tried that it was as slow as a wet week, only emulated a 386 and I never succeeded in installing Win95 under it. This was 3-4 years ago mind you, a lot can happen in that time), perhaps they have what you need although I haven't really kept up on them so perhaps someone else here can point you in the right direction.

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