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Does such a thing exist, or has anyone ever tried making one? I remember playing the SGL version of Tomb Raider a few years ago and it looked really nice. I have an old Apocalypse 3Dx card but it doesn't work in XP.

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Three other interesting PowerVR titles:

1. The original Ultim@te Race, which came with the first generation (no bilinear filtering) PowerVR card, had one HUGE track linking up all three of the tracks in the 3-track PowerVR version (basically 3 of the 4 circuits in Ultim@te Race Pro)!

2. Wipeout 2097 - on PowerVR (2nd gen) it can run at 1024x768, higher res than the default Direct3D version.

3. Moon Racer - a bizarre Japanese arcade racing game set on the Moon with only 4 tracks and low-gravity... but WAY too easy from the demo. Never appeared on anything other than PowerVR.

I had an old Apocalypse5D (4MB 3D, 4MB 2D) but chucked it out not so long ago. I kept Ultim@te Race 3-track though I'm not sure why as I own Ultim@te Race Pro too!