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Hey guys. Just thought I would ask around about this. I can still go into and read the original thread on dgVoodoo (which is still sticky'd by the way) but it seems to be locked. As far as I know Dege's website is still up and running but we seem to have locked his thread. I wish to make this the first post to officially request a permanent section for dgVoodoo on the forum index. This guy has put a lot of hard work into this wonderful program and should be recognized. If dgVoodoo has gone away or been absorbed into one project or another then please disregard this post. Thanks.

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No, nothing (strange) happened to dgVoodoo. The thread about it has been closed because it got too long. I myself haven't opened a new one because had no many things to talk about it 😏 (only two new versions with minor changes has been released since 1.30 and that's all...)
But, ANYONE who has any questions/ideas/etc about dgv, could open a new thread and we can "continue" the discussing. 😀