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So I've had this Playstation Classic for months after buying it new and clearanced for $20. I finally got around to modding it (need the right USB drive and powered USB hub) and discovered that the latest version of AutoBleem (0.8.7) integrates Retroboot and includes some ports of DOS games.

I just played Tyrian and Duke3D. Other games are Doom, Prince of Persia, and Wolfenstein 3D. (I also saw that Jazz Jackrabbit has been ported.)

Now, you have to play these with a PS Classic compatible controller, but I have to say that this is pretty cool--a tiny DOS box for $20 (or whatever they're charging now).

Here's a YT video on the release: https://youtu.be/bYV-h3ROHI8

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I got mine for free 😎
Waited a couple of weeks for the eBay seller, and they never shipped it out...so I asked for a refund, and they gave it to me and then shipped it out anyway.

I haven't modded mine yet, but the vanilla experience is definitely not worth $10.