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So, I got VBox (version is 6.0.24, cuz 6.1.18 is too new for my PC, check this post ), and I am confused about how to setup a network. I want to get Windows WFW 3.11 (and later, Windows 95+) on the network.

So, I go to my VM settings, and select the Network tab.

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There are seven options, which are: Not attached, NAT, NAT Network, Bridged Adapter, Internal Network, Host-only Adapter, and Generic Driver.

I want to link my WiFi connection to the VM, and I don't know which setting to pick.
Please could someone help me out with this?

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Hi, good morning!

From what I understand..

Not attached.. Network card emulated, but not connected

NAT.. The emulated network card can use your network connection, but is located behind the VM software's router/bridge/hub

NAT Network.. Similar to above. The VM software uses your network connection, but multiple VMs are connected through the same translation mechanism (NAT). They can access the outside world and see each other, too. They are hidden behind the VM software's router/bridge/hub

Bridged Adapter.. The emulated network card takes possession of your real network card (bypasses the PC's OS and its firewall)

Internal Network.. The VM software provides a network environment that exists among VMs only, no data flows from/to the real world

Host-only Adapter.. The VM's network card can talk to your local PC only?

Generic Driver.. The VM uses a driver to talk to the outside world, instead of emulating a particular network card model?

Edit : Hope that helps. I'd go with NAT first, it's the most hassle free, I guess.
Or NAT Network, if you're using multiple VMs at once.

A special case might be multi-player gaming, in which both parties need to know each other's IP address.

Edit : I'm sorry. Just realized what you want to do.
Choose NAT Network, if you want to get online with the VMs.
Or try Bridged, if that doesn't work.

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Jo22 wrote on 2021-04-04, 01:05:

Or try Bridged, if that doesn't work.

Since the OP is using a WiFi network, this has caveats. This post on the VirtualBox forums explains that the bridge "only supports IPv4 and IPv6, no other layer 2 protocols", so it's not a real bridge, unless perhaps you have special hardware. I think that with other emulators/hypervisors you might find that bridging to WiFi doesn't work at all.

Whether that's sufficient depends on what OP wants to do with the network. You need a real bridge if you want to use NetBIOS/NetBEUI. If you're using NetBIOS over TCP/IP you can probably get away with bridging to WiFi but you might find that Windows won't show other machines in Network Neighborhood and you need to enter their IP address, e.g. "\\". If you just want to use Internet Explorer then you only need IPv4.