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Is there any way to convert the Teledisk or Kyroflux raw dumps to .img format to use in emulators? I tried searching online but couldn't find the exact process. Most websites are simply talking about preservation and writing back to floppy drives.

Thanks for any info.

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You're apparently right and I wonder the same.

A quick Google search returns this:

"The Kryoflux company claims ownership of all images created with Kryoflux hardware."

Which apparently is about the image format itself.
Perhaps that's why no converter application has been made so far, not sure.

If nothing works, maybe a virtual floppy drive or a Gotek device with FlashFloppy, HxC can be used to get an IMG/IMA file.

Edit: I'm not sure, but maybe the KryoFlux software can create "Sector Images" somehow.
As opposed to STREAM or DRAFT images.. Of course, only owners of a KryoFlux+Softare have this privilege.
https://goughlui.com/2013/04/22/project-kryof … -of-the-images/

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from what computer ? have you got an example to convert ?

dtc (kryoflux software) can create img from raw dump

perhaps you can also with HxCFloppyEmulator software

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About Teledisk: yes you can, but you will obviously get a working image only if there are no "special" things in the image. In other words, only if you could get a working .img/.ima in the first place.
Teledisk (not the shareware version I believe but I'm not sure on that) has a TD2IMA.BAT file that does exactly this

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for KF images you can indeed open them with the HxC software and export in IMG format without issues - as long as you don't care about any protection data etc

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