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Hello all! I've been on a quest for some time trying to restore my old packard bell platinum pro (the purple one) restore cd in a vm since I lost the hardware long ago.

Using pcem its almost 99% there except for installing the extra software. I can't figure out how to fix it. The restore program copies everything over per its routine, but then it doesn't install anything, and I'm stuck with "startup" only in the start menu.

How I got everything to restore was actually crazy easy. I copied the boot floppy image off the cd and edited the cd-det ini file and the autoexec file to match the cd model that pcem uses. (the azt 468-02I) and it picked it right up. When it gets to the start menu entry phase it just erases everything, like there's a bug in its script that I can't seem to find.

Here's a screenshot of a fresh install

Any help would be super appreciated. its just maddening that the only restore cd in that win95 restore archive on archive.org is my system and it doesn't fully restore like all the others. rotfl.