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Hi everyone,

I've just a quick question..
Is there a way to change machine settings of the emulated 386/486 motherboards?
- The motherboard cache, I mean.
I'm asking, because the default settings are unrealistically low, causing less than ideal performance.

I mean, they're factory defaults, so they're not wrong per se.
But let's be honest, who back then had invested in a high-end 386, but didn't upgrade the cache accordingly?
128 to 256 KB weren't that over the top. 128KB would not have been unheard of, at least.

Anyway, I hope it's okay to ask here.
Because, I don't dare to bother PCem/86Box forums with that question, it could bee seen as some sort of criticism.

Especially since I'm not registered yet and asking this question directly after registration wouldn't be a good start to begin things.

So if there's a way to change things, maybe by patching PCem 17 EXE by hand, please tell me.
A PM is also welcome, if there are concerns.

Best wishes,

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I wonder if that explain the pretty sub par performance I see on a lot of emulated socket 7 boards.

I am pretty sure there is no config setting for it. Maybe you can patch the bios?

You are going to need a devs help to navigate the code base. Maybe you can add a config option and try to get your changes merged 😉