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PowerStrip is great - I've been using it on and off for years. Unfortunately it doesn't have any control over fullscreen DOS boxes in any version of Windows. Since all versions of Windows allow direct access (more or less) to the video hardware for non-VESA DOS fullscreen modes, there isn't much that Windows or the video drivers can affect in my experience. Most of the issues tend to be hardware or motherboard/video card BIOS issues.

You never know though... Anything is worth trying in my opinion.

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Compared to the technical advice in here, mine will sound like it's coming from a caveman. I remember in 1996 or so I had a pallette garbled game (don't remember which title). It turned out to be an incompatibility between my VLB video card and my PCI sound card. I had a motherboard that had ISA, VLB and PCI slots on it (way cool in 1996).

Anyway, here's my caveman advice. Pull out all other cards and disable as many hardware option built into the motherboard as you can. Then try your game again. If it works, add back cards and hardware options on the motherboard one at a time until it scrambles again.

If it *still* doesn't work, try a different motherboard.

Anyway, that's what I would do (and have done).

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