FIFA International Soccer (CD) sound effects

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FIFA International Soccer (CD) sound effects

Postby Titus03 » 2018-4-27 @ 15:06

I found the game some time ago, as EA Classics -release, and installed it by using DOSBox.

It seems that this release has all the resources for MIDi-music, but they can't be used anymore, as on floppy disk -release. This release contained CD-music, as we know. (Curiously, I tried using similar MIDI-configuration for this release that works on floppy disk -release, but it didn't do anything.)

CD-music is fine, so this is not something I'm concerned about.

Let's go to the main subject:

When I run the game normally:
- set up sound card (tried every possible selectable sound card, except Adlib Gold)
- then run the game.

-> I can hear the crowd chanting and commentary, but not kicks and whistles.

Then I disabled commentary and began a match.

- I can hear crowd chanting, but not kicks and whistles.

Then I downloaded this patch, and ran the low-memory-version of the game (with commentary off, obviously):

- I can hear crowd chanting, kicks and whistles.

Weird. This makes me thinking:

- Does the game use the same audio channel for commentary that was reserved for kicks and whistles on floppy disk -release and low-memory-version, so the game is actually designed that way?


- Should I hear everything on CD-release, but for some reason I can't hear kicks and whistles?



I found some videos of the CD-release from YouTube, when I searched for "FIFA International Soccer Special Edition". There were no kicks and whistles sound effects on those videos. Those videos may be created by using DOSBox, which is not sure. My guess is that those sound effects are not available on real DOS either. I can check this later, or if someone is faster, he / she may confirm if this is true or not.
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Re: FIFA International Soccer (CD) sound effects

Postby JSO » 2018-5-18 @ 12:04

I'm looking for this version for years!

When I was first played it on 1995 it was a cd ripped version. 8 Floppy disks compressed.

I remember that on my 386DX25 then I had no music, but I remembering the intro I saw on youtube.

Probably the video was captured using DOSBox.

You can check the Sega CD version and check it with an emulator if sound effects and music are working as they should be.
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Re: FIFA International Soccer (CD) sound effects

Postby sinhhilo » 2019-4-16 @ 11:50

si, tengo el mismo problema con la versión "special". Además, con la versión de disketes, el problema que tengo es que el silbato lo oigo muy agudo y recuerdo que eso en mi vieja PC no sucedía. Es más, desde la configuración de sonido uno podía solucionarlo.
alguién pudo solucionarlo?

Yes, I have the same problem with the "special" version. In addition, with the version of disketes, the problem I have is that the whistle I hear very sharp and I remember that on my old PC did not happen. Moreover, from the sound configuration one could solve it.
Could someone solve it?
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