HDM IV Alternative?

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HDM IV Alternative?

Postby jagossel » 2018-5-18 @ 01:46

I am starting to use DOSBox more often on my phone lately since I don't have time to be on the PC anymore lately. Currently, I'm using Magic DOSBox and it works really well in trying to make DOS games more mobile friendly. That said, I'm wondering if there is an alternative to HDM IV by MicroFox. I'm looking for some form of a menu system to make launching DOS programs or games easier. Sure, I can work my way through DOS via command line, but typing on a tiny screen can be a pain.

HDM IV was a menu system that can "generate" and execute batch scripts to launch any DOS application or game. It allows the user to create menu entries and categories easly, The only issue that I have with HDM IV is the licensing/shareware model: 30-day evaluation. Technically, I can use it past 30-days; however, I cannot legally and I'm trying to keep everything legitimate (e.g. using Kermit instead of Telix to connect to BBSes).

Is there anyone here that might know of a freeware/open source alternative to HDM IV? Thanks!
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