Evergreen 586 (in the purple box)

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Evergreen 586 (in the purple box)

Postby Anonymous Coward » 2018-7-14 @ 08:54

Just curious how many people here have one of these upgrades. There are about five or six different versions of this upgrade. They are based on either the Cyrix or AMD 5x86. I am curious about the model number, the package date, the upgrade CPU inside the box, and the version of the diskette which came with the box.

I am particularly interested in knowing what part numbers 242 and 247 are all about.

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Re: Evergreen 586 (in the purple box)

Postby amadeus777999 » 2018-7-14 @ 15:57

Very nice - I thought I had one but turns out it is just a Kingston "Turbo" Chip.

Do these offer flexibility when it comes to voltage and multipliers?
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Re: Evergreen 586 (in the purple box)

Postby feipoa » 2018-7-14 @ 20:38

It contains a fixed voltage regulator, but it can be turned into a unit with variable voltage output.

I think the purpose of the post is to uncover which Cyrix and AMD CPUs were used in which part numbers and to provide some actual photos. Seems like there was a bit of chaos when Cyrix stopped manufacturing their 5x86 chips. It is interesting that Evergreen didn't use the IBM branded chips when Cyrix quit producing their chips. This was probably due to cost. Old magazine articles mention that the Evergreen unit with AMD was $129 and $199 with Cyrix.
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