Does the Trident Cyber9388 have Direct3D/DirectDraw support?

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Does the Trident Cyber9388 have Direct3D/DirectDraw support?

Postby dickkickem » 2018-8-12 @ 22:38

I'm not an expert in Trident chips.

Before I update my Lifebook's chip, does this card have Direct3D support? The website for my laptop says it does, however, back then, some companies were notorious for lying about this feature (Ex: the conundrum with the NeoMagic MagicGraph 128XD). Also, at the moment, it does not seem to work with GLDirect, but I have a feeling updating my graphics chip with the proper driver software will fix it, but I don't want to go through the process of burning the drivers to my CD without knowing if there is Direct3D support.

Does anyone even have experience with this graphics chip and has decent knowledge on it?
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Re: Does the Trident Cyber9388 have Direct3D/DirectDraw support?

Postby Schule04 » 2018-8-12 @ 23:41

No 3D acceleration, but it should have DirectDraw according to Wikipedia.

But even if it would have built in 3D acceleration, it would be pretty much unusable.
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