Emulating an Amstrad PC5286

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Emulating an Amstrad PC5286

Postby Banjo » 2018-9-09 @ 08:03

For the sake of nostalgia (it was my second computer ever), I'm really wanting to emulate an Amstrad PC5286 (1mb memory, 3.5" floppy, 40mb HDD, AdLib card).

Using PCEm, I'm having an absolute blast emulating an old Amstrad PC1512 (my first computer!) but that emulator seems only able to recreate Amstrad's XTs (PC1512, PC1640) and early ATs (PC2086, PC5086, etc.) and not their later 286 models (PC2286, PC5286, etc.). The Amstrad MegaPC (386) is also emulated, but not the machines in between.

Could this be due to missing bios systems (i.e. nobody has dumped a PC5286, etc.) or just lack of interest in such machines? Maybe both?

I'd *almost* be content with using a "generic" 286 but I can't seem to get those to properly use 1mb of memory (bios errors/complaints).

I will post on the PCEm boards to ask about this too, but was wondering if VOGONS folks have any ideas if this is possible with other emulators or "tricks"? I've spent the past few days imaging my old Amstrad system disks and although they somewhat work in PCEm and DOSBox, I'd love to use them on a properly emulated PC5286 like they were designed for.
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Re: Emulating an Amstrad PC5286

Postby Jo22 » 2018-9-10 @ 18:06

Hi, my father's first IBM PC was also a PC-1512 (Schneider brand). It was the "European Tandy 1000", so to say. Very popular for a while. :)
I'm really looking forward to PC5286 emulation, you can't have too many 286es supported. ;)
If I had to guess, I say the authors of PCem and 86box probably have no access to or documentation of PC5286 hardware yet.
Which in turn means they have likely no dumps of the system BIOS, either.
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Re: Emulating an Amstrad PC5286

Postby Stiletto » 2018-9-12 @ 01:14

Did a quick look around:
- Doesn't seem to be dumped and in MAME.
- Checking informally, doesn't seem to be offline archived by any MAMEdev.
- It exists in the old and outdated "Dumps Needed by Major Manufacturer (MESS)" list: http://mess.redump.net/dumping/wanted#a ... mps_needed

I'd guess the major reason why it's not in MAME is "not dumped yet". Someone needs to collect it and dump it for that to start to happen.
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