TNT2 driver performance

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TNT2 driver performance

Postby cxm717 » 2019-4-06 @ 18:52

OK, so I did a driver comparison on a TNT2 (125/150) under windows 98. I thought I would share the results here.

I used a P3 800/133 on an intel OR840 board with 512MB of 800MHz RDRAM and a sound blaster live sound card. I wanted to run these benchmarks on my 440BX board but the TNT2 was just not stable at 133MHz/89MHz. I also tried the TNT2 with the same drivers in a K63 450 setup in an ASUS P5A-B with 128MB of PC100@CL2 and a sound blaster live card.

The P3 results:


The K6-3 results:


Edit: Forgot to add a few things. I'm going to add some 1999 games later. The K6-3 setup was a bit unstable with the 53.04 drivers and it would not even load into windows with the 61.76 driver.
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Re: TNT2 driver performance

Postby STX » 2019-4-17 @ 09:44

I had a college roommate in 2001 who owned a Dell system with a TNT2 GPU. Dell mailed him a free 98SE-to-Me upgrade, which, once installed, reduced the frame rate of Max Payne noticeably. We figured that the problem was Windows Me, so we reinstalled 98SE. But the choppier frame rare persisted even after 98SE had been reinstalled! :confused: Nowadays, we know that the latest drivers aren't necessarily the greatest, but I didn't know that back in the day.
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Re: TNT2 driver performance

Postby bjwil1991 » 2019-4-17 @ 10:10

I have one from a Pentium 4 HP Pavilion and I used it in my Windows 98SE machine and the graphics were incredible. I still have the card and might be useful someday when I get a better Socket 7 board that has an AGP 2x slot and 100MHz FSB (Super Socket 7).
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