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I'd like to report a bug (or whatever it is). When I run dosbox 0.62 the top of the screen gets cut off. I can't see the first line (c:\) unless I press enter. It seems to be a resolution thing except that changing options doesn't help (and my screen is not set off the top on my monitor's settings). It never did this to me with 0.61, but I can't find anything set wrong... It's fine during a game though.

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Re: top of the screen gets cut off.

1. Is this when running in fullscreen mode?

2. What kind of monitor do you have?

3. I am not sure this is a DOSBox problem. When I boot into real MS-DOS I always have to use the auto-adjust button on my monitor if I want to see the last 2-3 characters on the screen.

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just wanted to let you know that something somehow got fixed with some package updates lately. although 0.60 now segfaults, the FC3 package of 0.62 from the newrpms repository seems to work fine. i really dont know what the problem was but, since everything works now, i doubt if was dosbox itself that was causing the prob. thanks for making this great piece of software anyway Happy

Any clue as to which updates were done? I originally had an sdl problem with FC2 and Dosbox 0.62 that magically disappeared. Now with FC3 I have the same problem you were reporting.