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PcBytes wrote on 2021-04-02, 19:42:

Trolling aside, I really wonder how would a Socket 478 P4 HT (regardless whether it was Northwood or Prescott) would have managed with a HD2900XT, or maybe even a HD4850.

I've been wondering that myself as well. Also how this would have fared if this was on Win XP. I do have 3GHz P4HT Prescott, so I might give that a go.

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Very entertaining read, thank you! I've only ever used one celeron based PC, one of my dad's years ago, and I vowed at the time 'never again!'. CPUs have cache for a very sound reason 🤣.

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I had a 2.4GHz Celeron D based machine for a couple of years in the mid-2000's, running XP. Admittedly it also was hamstrung by not-enough-RAM and a terrible PCI GeforceFX 5500... but the thing could barely manage WMP visualizations. When I killed the motherboard and moved to a very plain socket 478 1.7Ghz Willamette P4 a couple of years later, it was significantly faster. That 1.7 with 1GB of RAM and an HD2400 Pro AGP was the machine I installed the Windows 7 RTM on in late 2009, and it was still pretty usable even then.