Which platform for "aio" pc

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sirotkaslo wrote on 2022-02-01, 06:29:

This doesn't have to be the strongest winxp machine and later xp games will run on my modern pc or my c2d with radeon HD 3850. I just need something I can play most games up to 04 on it, because I will bring it to my pc room and leave everything else in my garage for now.

In that case I'd say a single-core Athlon 64 with 90nm lithology on Socket 939 would be the best choice for a dual Win9x / WinXP retro platform. Paired with a nice AGP video card (GF4 Ti or R300) and an EAX / D3D sound card, it can play just about every Win9x games and most WinXP games without issues.