Outrigger: an ongoing adventure with the OR840

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slivercr wrote on 2017-12-16, 18:10:

ACPI Windows XP: the end?

Yep. I ran into some trouble—finally—when attempting to replace the noisy Radeon 8500 with a GeForce4: after installing the nvidia drivers Windows would refuse to boot up just in the same way it refuses to do it when you force ACPI during install (POSTs, starts the boot up and shows you the WinXP loading screen, screen goes blank and resets). I removed the GF4, put the Radeon back in, uninstalled the nVidia drivers and installed Catalysts: the machine works again. If I try any other nvidia card, Windows won't boot after installing the drivers.

I guess I have to backtrack and recommend against doing this. Windows XP is still usable if you do a normal install from the CD: it will use the MPS Multiprocessor HAL and everything will be peachy.

So the ACPI makes the problem?

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I made some benchmark on my OR840 with WinXP SP2.
I have a IDE->Sata converter from Delock, to attach the 600MByte/s Kingston SSD as a Windows System partition.
I made a HDD benchmark with crystaldisk, I was curious what IDE 66 is able to. The result was about 10% of the SSD speed, see picture below.

I did 3DMARK01 tests with 1 processor and then with 2 processors. VGA was Abit Siluro Geforce 4200 TI (driver detonator 30.87).
The result was in both case about the same. I did a test with the latest driver, but the result was less, only 5779 Pts with 1 CPU and 5836 Pts with 2 CPUs.
I have to mention again, that the RAMs are 4 Slot 512MB PC800 RDRAM in Dual-Channel with PC800.

I did also a Sysoft Sandra 2002 Test on the CPU, unfortunately it says "Current CPU" only, but it was a dual Pentium 3 933MHz.

I was not able to make a memory benchmark test in the Sysoft Sandra, I don't know why, but the result was zero, it just skipped the test.


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Use older AIDA64 or AIDA32 to do the memory bandwidth and storage transfer performance and other host of things as well.


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