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Return of the Phantom by MicroProse Software works fine in DOSBox 0.65 (with speech) but the CD version install still gives the error: "The game needs 0 bytes of disk space. You only have 0 bytes available". So here is a temporally solution (until it is solved in DOSBox) for installing the game:

1) copy PHANTOM and RESOURCE folders from the CD to your mounted C drive
2) copy attached files CONFIG.PHA and INSTALL.EXE to PHANTOM folder
3) run the game with PHANTOM.BAT in PHANTOM folder - you can play without the CD in the drive and change the game settings with INSTALL.EXE


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Just won a copy of this off ebay, the message exactly is:

"The game needs 0 bytes of disk space. You only have 0 bytes available."

Which sounds to me like it should work =).

Hope I didn't necro this thread, thought you might still be wondering since its still happening with ver .73.

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Same issue as reported in another thread, where there is a workaround for MicroProse installers that have the "need 0 bytes" problem, and not just for the game mentioned in this thread.