Old games that are better on a Mac?

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Hi, I apologize if there are other threads on this, however I was wondering which old games are better on a Mac?

I'm particularly fond of FMV games, thanks. =)

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I don't have much experience with Macintosh games, but I think that Lemmings and Oh No! More Lemmings beat by far their DOS counterparts because the music is closer to the Amiga version (which is the original by the way) and also the graphics. I can also say the same thing about Arkanoid. I mean, it has no color, but the music and sound effects are better than it's DOS counterpart and it includes the Continue feature present in the Arcade that the DOS version does not have. A pity that its secuel wasn't converted to the Mac.
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Return to Zork on Mac is a higher resolution than the DOS version so looks a lot better.
However the DOS version's music is far superior especially if you have an MT32 or compatible Roland device.

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For me it's DARK FORCES because the mac version has HIRES support 640x and therefore looks much better.
Btw. if you have a mac-midi-man you can also hook up a mt-32 to your mac 😀

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Macintosh Wolf3d is a completely different version than DOS'. There are no patrolling enemies and they're always facing forward, textures are 128x128 instead of 64x64, it can run up to 640x480 resolution, sounds and music are completely different and there are additional levels plus 2 additional weapons.
Macintosh Prince of Persia 1 is completely remastered, uses some PoP 2 sprites and runs in 640x400.
Macintosh Alone in the Dark CD versions run in 640x400 and have remastered sceneries for that resolution.
Everything else just runs on higher res. and has different or additional music/sounds.