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I'm thinking about putting together a machine for Windows 95/98 and (some) DOS games, but I will be limited for space so I want to use a micro-ATX motherboard if possible. Do you have any suggestions for this kind of board, or is regular ATX a better option?

I have had a look here and here, which suggests a Socket 370 Tualatin board might be an idea, and easier to get working with modern PSUs, but I can't seem to find any micro-ATX examples available. I'd be willing to go down to a regular Coppermine board or (at a pinch) Slot 1, but I won't know what would be a good option for that. The only requirements I really have are AGP and an ISA slot, so I have the option to run my Voodoo 5 card and an ISA Sound Blaster card for DOS games.

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Socket A might be easier to find but the combination of ISA and MicroATX will be rare.
I'd skip Tualatin, it's a pita to find a board. You could go with Coppermine as well. It's available and plenty fast for DOS and Win98.

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Only one I know are MSI MS-6160, but forget Tualatins it's a 440LX board so you are limited to 66MHz FSB (i.e. Celeron 533 max). It happens to have a Creative Audio PCI onboard soundcard that you can couple with the ISA sound card. I am on the lookout for one of these, no luck so far though.

For Slot1 you have things like ASUS P2B-VM, Gigabyte GA6-ZMA, MSI MS-6156 and Biostar M6TZE which have support for Katmai or Coppermine 100MHz P3s depending on revision, and I wish I had one of these as well..

If you want a faster processor, you should probably look into P4 and K7 mATX boards instead.

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