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Close DOSBox Status Window

Postby pew » 2019-3-26 @ 21:51

I am experimenting, trying to find the best way to use my old DOS programs.
Mac and Windows. vDOS, Boxer, DOSBox, VM Virtual Box and so on.
They all have advantages and flaws

With Boxer (wine on Mac) i have troubble finding the config-file. It does not exist. I need it for setting the diskdrives at startup.
I also have problems with copying new files to the disk. They simply dont exist before i have closed the instance and startet again.

With DOSBox on windows i have trouble with closing the DOSBox status window or preventing it popping up in the first place.
I also cant scale the window. There must be somewhere i can set the size.

I am no great programmer so i would ge greatefull for some help.

Best regards

Poul Erik
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Re: Close DOSBox Status Window

Postby Dominus » 2019-3-26 @ 23:11

Boxer is not Wine on mac, but a Dosbox fork. Why not use the original Dosbox on a mac?
The console window on Windows can be prevented by a commandline switch (that you can feed to the Dosbox shortcut), and scaling might be fixed by using a different output.
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Re: Close DOSBox Status Window

Postby eL_PuSHeR » 2019-3-27 @ 07:58

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Re: Close DOSBox Status Window

Postby BinaryDemon » 2019-4-01 @ 01:52

For the DosBox Windows status window, have you tried the command line -noconsole to get rid of it completely?
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