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I have a Pi 3B+ that I am trying to use MT32-Pi on. Are there step by step instructions other than what is on the quick start section of the creators github? I followed those and nothing is working. Here is what I did:
- I copied the contents of the zip file downloaded from the github page onto the root of the Pi's sd card.
-I placed the MT32 roms in the roms folder of the sd card
-I plugged in the UM-One into a USB port of the Pi and plugged in speakers to the headphone jack.
-I hooked up the other end of the UM-One to my vintage PC's midi port.
- When turning on the PI none of the LED's light up on the UM-One and there is no sound coming out of the speakers when playing midi from the vintage PC.
-I confirm this same setup works using Munt on a regular PC without the pi so I know the configuration is correct on the UM-One cable itself.

Anyone using this same configuration and have some hints of how to get it to work?

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i am stuck in the exact same position on a RPI3A with UM-ONE cable ..i have send an email to Edu Arana asking for some clarifications.

following the instructions from github i did some changes :

usb = on
gpio_baud_rate = 31250
gpio_thru = off
output_device = i2s --> no output 🙁
sample_rate = 96000
chunk_size = 512
i2c_dac_address = 4c
resampler_quality = good
midi_channels = standard
rom_set = old
type = ssd1306_i2c. --> oled screen now working OK

if i use a simple Midi cable then on the oled screen i get the messages "frame error" & "Midi unexp error" and sound is distorted , while if i change to UM-ONE cable i get no sound and no messages on screen..

I also confirm that running rpi3b+ with muntPi worked pefectly with the same pc setup and um-one cable.

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MT32Pi is really neat. I tried a cheap USB cable on the reception side first, but soon realized that the MIDI interface was poor - no opto-coupler, just resistors (bad design!).
Because, with different ground connections, this setup almost begs for a failure.
So I made a cheap MIDI-In using an underpowered, slow opto-coupler and finally got music in Gateway.

Here's a quick video of it, along with a cheap tube amp that I made from spare parts.
If done correctly (fast opto-coupler), the little stuttering should fixed, too :


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