X-COM: Apocalypse almost works in latest CVS (2003-10-03)

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First i want to thank you devs for dosbox. Now i can play many many games from my large archive of old games when nostalgia hits me. Hmm one question though: any chance of running Privateer in Dosbox in the near future (0.60, 0.61, ..., 0.70, ....) ?

But now back to the topic - X-COM:Apocalypse:
Everything works fine - setup sound card autodetection works, game starts, sound gets initialized, main menu shows, but graphic is weird. Picture says it all. Whole screen (apocalypse runs in 640x480) is shown in upper quarter of dosbox screen (the rest of the screen is black) that means everything is stretched, shifted and overdrawn there. Mouse moves also only in the upper quarter, i managed to get through the main menu to the game itself. Sound works fine. Looks like there is a problem with the vesa mode which apocalypse uses. In older cvs builds it did not work at all (with older i mean august, early september). I tried running X:A with VDMSound - it works, but with frequent crashes to desktop, and it always makes a mess from my desktop (desktop resolution change cleans it up, but it's really annoying).


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I don't know what you are bitching about. Abandon Loader, Win Xp Patch for Sound, and VDMSound addon for abandon loader lets me play it greatly! (although mouse moves very slow)

I know dosbox isn't perfect, but its not the only one. (its the best tho)

Try VDMSound Launchpad and Abandon Loader.

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