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New stable releases of Aleph One/Marathon/Marathon 2: Durandal/Marathon Infinity are available here: https://alephone.lhowon.org/

Aleph One 1.3 Major Changes: […]
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Aleph One 1.3
Major Changes:

Uses SDL 2 for much-improved compatibility with new operating systems
Better support for game controllers
Better performance for the software renderer
Improved mouse control options, with settings for Classic and Modern mouse control
Better support for high-dpi displays
New controls dialog, which allows simultaneous key, mouse, and controller bindings
More authentic static effect when using OpenGL
Adds a stash for sharing info between Lua states
Better support for Unicode characters in Windows (should fix Rubicon X)
Better support for original Marathon scenarios including Trojan, which now works fully
A separate 64-bit Windows build is available
Better master volume and music volume controls
Video export bitrate depends on the video resolution, which leads to much improved export at 1080p with default settings
Mac apps are now notarized by Apple
Original games now default to more authentic settings on first install; high res plugins are still included but are not enabled by default

Aleph One 1.3.1

Fixes an issue saving/playing back Aleph One films using the original Marathon data files
Fixes wobble transfer mode glow maps

Release Notes: https://github.com/Aleph-One-Marathon/alephone/releases

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I just noticed in the Aleph One forums that toxicsham apparently created an Alpha release Android port after the Version 1.3rc1 release but before the releases I indicated above. The forum discussion is here: https://www.pfhorums.com/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=54135
The Version 0.1.0 Android port is on GitHub: https://github.com/daniele-rapagnani/alephone-android

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Version 1.4 has been released:

Aleph One 1.4 […]
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Aleph One 1.4


Note: This release is not network compatible with Aleph One 1.3 and earlier.


Adds support for Lua ephemera: optional scripted effects like precipitation or gore, that can be turned on and off without affecting saved games, films, and net games
Adds a new "Editor" mode that integrates better with Weland for seamless visual mode editing
Adds new high frame rate interpolation. Choose 30 fps for authentic classic play, 60 fps or 120 fps capped, or unlimited fps
Adds many new Lua API functions. See Lua.html for details
Adds support for weapon hot keys. Hot keys 1-9 switch weapons, but can be overridden by Lua scripts; hot keys 10-12 are reserved for Lua scripts
Restores some retro/nostalgia features in the software renderer: every-other-line mode, and 8-bit color
MML/Lua can now set the maximum inventory on a per-difficulty level. This should add versatility for balancing difficulty in new scenarios

Release notes (and assets): https://github.com/Aleph-One-Marathon/alephone/releases
Downloads: https://alephone.lhowon.org/