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Thanks to this beautifull tool, (Dos-Box) I was able to run Tango-PCB/SCH in XP using 1024x768 vesa driver, something that was not working even in native Ms-Dos. 😀

Thanks guys for this nice job I wish your project bring great success to all the develop Team members.

But, Well here I am, Just to report a problem...':dead:';

The brazilian abnt2 layout has just a few different scancodes from the US layout.
But what I could not fix is about some keys that even does not exist in US keyboard. So they cannot be mapped...

For example: the <R-SHIFT> key in the ABNT2 keyboard is smaller than that in the US keyboard, giving place to an extra key </ ?> (slash question-mark) so that we have: the following scancodes (hex SET2 scancodes)

  abnt2:>>>  [;:] [/?] [ R_SHFT ]  =  [4a][51][59]
US: >>>> [;:] [ R__SHIFT ] = [4a][ 59 ]

So that when I load the brazilian layout using the Free-Dos stuff, I get A keybord almost all OK, but without that particular key, so that it is impossible for me to type those simbols (/ and ?) which are very important to have in a keyboard.

When I boot with pure FreeDos it works ok, but not in Dos-Box
Why the FreeDos (configurations using keyb, cpx , etc.. )didnt worked ?? Isnt DOS-Box loading it properly?

Is there something I should do?
Is there something I could help?

😊 😵
best regards...

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What wd tries to say is (I think) that DOSBox is using library called SDL to handle the keyboard (and many other things). SDL is great because it makes it easy to get DOSBox to run on many kinds of systems. But it is also not so great, because DOSBox is limited to what SDL can do. And appearently, SDL does not support your keyboard layout, and the people that develops SDL don't seem to be interested enough to fix it.

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Well, I had just made a reply to this topic, but then I deleted it cause I thought I was wrong, and then I ran the tests again, and figured I was right the fist time 😜

So what I found out is that DOSBox DOES support the extra key both ingame and in the terminal.

I used "keyb none", and then went to the keymapper. I clicked on letter K and then pressed the extra </ ?> key on my ABNT2 qwerty keyboard. It worked both when typing in the command line and when typing ingame (God of Thunder was the game).

The problem is with the keymapper. Even if I use "keyb br", when I go to the keymapper, it still looks like an American qwerty. We can't set the extra key because it is not shown.

If someone can find a way around this, I can make mapper-0.74.map files for ABNT2 and for Nativo (which is some sort of Brazilian Dvorak that nobody uses but I do).

I'll wait for an answer. If I get none, I can still make pretty usable mapper-0.74.map and will share them in this forum.

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I hadn't seen that, but it confirms what we knew: both br274 and br 275 lack a key.

I already made some improvised mappers that are working quite alright, but I wanna see what are those codepages before I post them here...

How do I access the codepages? What do they do?

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From Wikipedia:

SDL 1.3 is a major update to the SDL 1.2 codebase. It replaces several parts of the 1.2 API with more general support for multiple input and output options. Some feature additions include multiple window support, multiple input device support (many mice, many keyboards, etc.), hardware-accelerated 2D graphics, and better Unicode support.

So it is probably already supported BUT 1.3 is not stable yet. And it probably will never be because they're putting their efforts into making a big 2.0 release.

Meanwhile, I'll post the improvisations I made.