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Re: D-Fend Reloaded (DOSBox frontend)

Postby Avenger » 2019-1-16 @ 16:31

twiz11 wrote:well if you drag the whole folder "terminator" into d-fend, most of the time its got a pre-configured profile, like if you drag and drop quake or doom...

I figured out the problem.

Since the additional commands section only has a single line to enter text you have to seperate each command with "&&" characters or else D-Fend interprets it as one single command which obviously doesn't work once DOSBox boots.
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Re: D-Fend Reloaded (DOSBox frontend)

Postby svfn » 2019-3-05 @ 12:09

Hi, I have found that in Windows 10's High Contrast mode, the "Choose File" buttons in Profile Editor>Profile and Starting section don't open, does nothing when clicked. But disabling High Contrast and the buttons work normally. The buttons in Profile Editor>Directories work regardless though.

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Re: D-Fend Reloaded (DOSBox frontend)

Postby Nowhere Girl » 2019-7-15 @ 01:06

GalaxyHigh wrote:I've hit a problem when trying to view games in Screenshot mode. If I try this view (which has been working fine up until now) the "user defined information" fields start to cross one another and half of games it can find do not displaying their thumbnail images or pop up in the wrong field. (Please see attachment to make sense of this rambling).

I'm getting an error message stating "Access violation at address 004F6379 in module 'DFend.exe'. Read of address <variable 8 letter string>" for games catalogued under W and a different address message for games begging with X.

I haven't had this problem before, but I too have just hit it. Please tell me what to do, I can't view any screenshots in DFR. Sure, I can view them directly in the folder, but to be honest - screenshots are the main reason why I use DFR, I feel into a screenshot-collecting mania...

Edit: I checked further and this bug only appears for the "Book of Unwritten Tales" series. I don't know why, these are not the only games which don't even need DFR (that is, modern Windows games*), but I have created DFR profiles for them just to keep screenshots...

*By the way: running Windows 3.x games now seems much harder than running DOS games...

Edit 2: please help... I found what is different: the screenshots which trigger this bug were made with another program. I normally use IrfanView for catching screenshots in non-DOS games, but somehow it didn't work in BoUT 1 and "The Critter Chronicles" (prequel. I played the games according to plot chronology, that is, "Critter Chronicles", BoUT 1, BoUT 2). What sets these games apart is that they don't have a windowed option, to turn off fullscreen I had to install a hex editor and change a tiny bit in the code - perhaps it has something to do with the game not accepting IrfanView. I used Gadwin PrintScreen instead. However, superficially there's nothing different about these screenshots - the same size, same format (PNG)...
BoUT 2 accepts IrfanView. I decided to check it after a short while of playing the game, switched to this program and yup, the later screenshots which were made in IrfanView open just fine in DFR, no bugs...
I'll try a simple solution: cutting the image, pasting to a new file - just in "Paint XP for Windows 7" (my basic graphic editiing program - I just can't use new Paint) - and I'll see how these new files work... But please respond anyway.
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